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2 definitions by jerrycurlz

when a guy ejaculates into a girls vagina.
unprotected sex.
Joseph: are you gonna fuck Debby at the bowling alley?

Alex: fuck yeah. Do you have a rubber i can barrow?

Joseph: No, sorry dude.

Alex: shit! i guess I'll just cum in the puss.

(After intercourse at the bowling alley)

Alex: see you in 9 months Debby. fuck it thug life.
by jerrycurlz September 22, 2009
Loose,stretchy female vagina.
Often saggy and very fat.
Joseph: Dude! did you see that fugly hooker?

Alex: The oriental bitch?

Joseph: yee, fuck.bitch had a loose magoo.

Alex: ahaa,nice.
by jerrycurlz September 22, 2009