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It's how you say SIXTY-NINE in chinese.
Hey! how do you say sixty-nine in chinese?

two can chew
by jerjer April 13, 2006
1 When you can't get it up cause you drank too much.

2 A totally cool saloon in So. Lake Tahoe, Whiskey Dicks!
1 "Dude, no more shots for me. I don't whant to get whiskeydick"!

2 " Dude, Let's hook up at Whiskey Dicks after riding today".
by jerjer October 01, 2005
slugbug is a game where when you see a volkswagon bug you slug someone in the arm and say "slugbug,new school{or old school},blue, {or whatever} no hitbacks !"
slugbug! old school red convertible no hitbacks
by jerjer April 16, 2006
fun to order at the drive thru on a busy night when your friend is working the window
friend: welcome to jack in the crack, can I take your order?
you, loudly: uh. yeah. I'd like a Fur burger,an order of thighs,and a hotcherry bendover!
friend,to theirself: ah jeez! I'm gonna kill that S.O.B.
by jerjer February 14, 2006
Junk, Each,& Every Part
thats what J.E.E.P. stands for
by jerjer October 16, 2005

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