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A word many native americans call eachother, it does not nesasrly mean they are related. Some of the native American beliefs say that the creator ceated us all, therefore we are all cousins.
Hey cousin, wuts up.
by Jeremiah January 16, 2005
A game where one plays table tennis and the loser must remove a layer of clothing.
Strip Ping Pong is Nikki's favourite game.
by Jeremiah December 21, 2004
1.Teh God
2.loves linkin park
I'm too nalin to send out a package for Jeremiah
by jeremiah October 29, 2003
Stands for The Powers That Be.
A term used in the tv show Angel, when talking about about the good guys. The PTB didnt exactly live on the same plane of existance as earthlings.
Angel worked for the PTB until the end of season 4.
by Jeremiah January 22, 2005
Another word meaning just joking, or jokes.

Usuaully indiands use this word.
Hey cuz, your momma's so ugly, she doesnt go to a pow wow, she says bow wow.... ayees
by Jeremiah January 22, 2005
another word for f**k or c**t but is used when you can't swear properly
(helps if ur a scouser)
When john lennon got to heaven and god told him Mcartney was gettin all the credit for the beatles he simply said "schmiggles"
by jeremiah May 13, 2003
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