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3 definitions by jerah

Clergy who is much more concerned about peace, love and happiness for all rather than unprovable doctrines, superstitions, or silly rules.
"He wasn't concerned about converting me, he just wanted to help me; he was a true maji."
by jerah January 27, 2006
24 5
"wrestle-weapon-kickboxing", ie, a martial art that combines all three of these areas of close quarters combat. Also used as a verb.
"This big bully attacked that little dude, but the little guy used some kind of wresponkibo on him." Or, "...but the little guy wresponkiboed him."
by jerah January 27, 2006
19 9
store: a place where needed or wanted itmes are purchased with money.
"Skoda stoe." = "Let's go to the store."
by jerah January 27, 2006
11 11