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3 definitions by jennycouture1

proper noun. A person of Mexican descent who is a practicing Jew. A rare and elusive sub-culture found primarily in Northern Vermont. For reals.
I know two Jewlupas.
by jennycouture1 October 02, 2009
A person who hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Someone who was born and raised in Gloucester. May or may not be a fisher man or involved in a pregnancy pact. Can be heard mentioning "going over the bridge" and knows what the Greasy Pole is.
Did you hear those Gloustonians saying they hadn't crossed the bridge all summer?
by jennycouture1 October 02, 2009
Any male styling that is similar to that of Zac Efron.
Mark just got a Zefrony new hair cut.
by JennyCouture1 May 10, 2009