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A person, generally male, who believes in the Norns, Odin, and all things Norse. NOT to be mistakenly associated with the book Pendragon, which totally blows. He is usually a badass and listens to Viking death metal.
Lucy: Ohmagosh, that boy is so metal. He melts my face.
Tina: He must be a danny pendragon. For sure.
by jennosaurus rex January 19, 2009
Abbreviation for alcoholic beverage. Usually only said by the cool indie kids.
Paul: Broskie, you tryin to get some alcabev's tonight?
Matt: Always!
by jennosaurus rex January 18, 2009
Very similar to a hodown, only involving police. If one is spotted, the observer should yell Podown!! Then point and laugh. (because cops, especially in large groups, are a joke.)
This can sometimes be accompanied by rolling down your window and yelling "Suuuueeey!!! Here piggy, piggy, pig!!!"
A group of cop cars chilling in a random parking lot late at night... Definitely a Podown!

5 cop cars roll into the McDonald's parking lot simultaneously... This is most assuredly a podown.
by jennosaurus rex January 23, 2009
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