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Holebi’s is a contraction of homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals. In the Netherlands is shorthand for those who feel sexually attracted to someone of the same sex or to people of both sexes.
In America the shorthand GLBT is used: gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender. It’s also called the ‘queer community.’
If you are a holebi and you are in your early teens it might be hard to find others with the same sexual preference. Many keep their feelings hidden out of fear or shame.
When you are in your late teens (older than 16 years) it’s easier to come into contact with other holebi’s. If you live in the Netherlands and search on internet using the word ‘holebi’, you’ll find all kind of groups and activities you can participate in.

OMG, that girl is so a holebi. Yesterday she was with a guy and today with a girl.
by jennifero4u March 10, 2006

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