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calling the passanger's seat of the car.
~shot gun must be called so all can hear
~shot gun is called for one way of a trip
~shot gun cant be called inside a building, only on the way to the car.
~shotgun can be followed with "no joust" otherwise it can be jousted and recalled again.
~shotgun is automatically given to a person who is the only one with directions to the destination(unless they decline)
~if the drivers spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner is attending the ride they are automatically given shotgun unless they decline
~if the driver wishes to entertain themself then they can enforce the rule that the passengers wanting shotgun must fight for it.
~driver has say over all
passenger 1~"Shotgun!" passenger 2~"Shotgun no joust" Driver~"Passenger 2 jousted your shotgun he gets it"

All passengers~"SHOT GUN!" driver~"Fight it out, first one to draw blood gets it"
by jenmittzr February 24, 2007

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