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2 definitions by jengajoe

The act of applying a thin layer of shit to a bald man's head, letting it dry, and removing it like car wax with the bald man's soiled underwear.
When walking into the barbershop I asked for the luedde.
by jengajoe November 16, 2010
Upon completion of receiving a luedde, the additional act or step, which includes the barber massaging the bald mans head with his testicles after they have been shaved, soaked in ice for at least 5 minutes, and then dipped in cocoa-butter to create the perfect bald mans shine.
Upon returning home from the office my wife noticed something different about me. She noticed a little extra jump in my step. She said, "you look great honey, did you happen to get the luedde too today?"
by jengajoe April 15, 2011