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An incredibly talented jazz band incorporating traditional bluegrass and old time instrumentation. Their genre is somewhat hard to capture, and they often fall under categories such as jazz, classical, folk, or bluegrass. Bela Fleck is the focal musician on banjo.
Bela Fleck can shred that banjo. ummmm, yeah, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, rawk.
by jekkle June 18, 2006
n. specifically, a man who has ticks on his penis, but can be any man who has questionable or dirty genitals.
Shutup, you fucking dickpicker! Like hell you were with my mother last night.
by jekkle June 22, 2006
Another name for William and Mary, often used by students. A homosexual connotation, considering the small school's significant population of gay men.
Student 1: Hey, do you want to go to a movie this weekend?
Student 2: No, man, I gotta study for my exams.
Student 1: Oh yeah, I guess I should do that too.
Student 2: Yeah, that's bill and larry for ya.
by jekkle June 19, 2006

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