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2 definitions by jeffowski

The act of getting two of your Facebook friends from unrelated social circles to "friend" one another based on compatibility and/or complimentary facets of their personalities for their mutual benefit/support. Typically accomplished through friend suggestions to both friends for the other, or both friends interacting with your Facebook page and friending one another. Derived from the term, cross-pollinate.
My best friend from college and one of my co-workers would really hit it off. I should cross-friend them.
by jeffowski June 14, 2011
The common phenomenon of discovering a chain of Facebook friends that starts with you and moves through strangers' friends lists that then loop back to you again.
Reinforces the "small world" feeling.
My co-worker wanted me to cross-friend his disc-golf buddy. Found out that he is friends with someone that is also friends with my wife's best friend in college. He started a Friend Loop
by jeffowski July 01, 2011