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2 definitions by jefferylynnx3

a girl who lets boys feel up her shorts. a Danielle Remer would like to use her weekends for getting high or drunk, or hacking people. a Danielle Remer can describe a boy or a girl. most Danielle Remers smell terrible and rarely shower.
-that drunk over there is such a danielle remer

-oh, look at that stoner. he's such a danielle remer

-oh, god! look at that hoe, to think of it she should take a shower, never mind, she's a danielle remer.
by jefferylynnx3 June 09, 2009
16 13
usually used as a slang word in a fight to piss off someone else.
yur mom is FAT!
by jefferylynnx3 January 26, 2009
8 5