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A grossly overweight and lazy person, especially a female. characteristics include eating non-stop, refusing physical exercise and general laziness. originates from the two words mujer (spanish for woman) and container, literally meaning half woman half container.
cristina solidified her status as the biggest mujainer by inhaling her third burger while watching t.v. for a record fifteenth straight hour.
by jeff_toronto January 07, 2009
a male fueled by the unbelievable ability to eat, lounge and repulse. a combination of the two words man and container, a true mantainer outeats the competition and attempts to move as little as possible.
ryan was the ultimate mantainer on vacation as he consumed 42 kilos of food, 53 liters of soda/beer and one small child--all without leaving his room.
by jeff_toronto January 07, 2009
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