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The mental state usually developed during a House M.D. marathon. Despite having seen every episode multiple times, the viewer will be unable to stop watching even after sarcoidosis is used to wrongly diagnose every case. Victims of a House coma usually fall into a vegetative state, and may begin to drool, depending on whether or not Olivia Wilde's character is included in an episode. Only after the final episode of the marathon will the victim again show signs of life, yet thier mental attentiveness may still be off, as they will be unaware of anything that happened outside the television during their period of illness.
Foreman: "He seems to be transfixed by the television and won't respond to any stimuli. What's wrong with him?"
House: "It seems he's suffering from a severe House coma. We'll just have to wait it out... or we could change the channel."
Chase: "That could kill him!"
House: I'm House. Do you think I care?"
by jeenee417 August 10, 2010
The quick ducking action taken in a puclic restroom to see if any closed stalls are occupied. Often performed to assure safeness in performing a private conversation, whistling, or loud, obnoxious singing. If a duck check proves the company of another restroom-user, silence will ensue.
Bob: Yeah, so then she told me...
Rob: Hold on let me do a duck check.
Bob: Well?
Rob: You're good. There's no one here.
by jeenee417 August 11, 2010

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