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The act of using a gift card to purchase another gift card of equal or slightly greater value in order to hide the fact that you're just regifting the original gift card.
After I do some gift card laundering at the mall today, these gift cards I got last Christmas will be squeaky clean and ready for regifting. No one will ever catch on to my operation - muhahaHAHA!
by Jeema December 07, 2009
An informal goodbye greeting. Usually used to indicate that the recipient is somehow defeated, unworthy, or left behind; hence their worthiness to appear only as a comic strip character in the funny pages.
Boo ya! See you in the funny pages, sucker.
by Jeema November 09, 2005
A phrase used to gently chastise someone for attacking you verbally.
Dude 1: I told you I didn't like pepperoni on my pizza, dickhead.
Dude 2: Damn, don't tase me, bro. I forgot.
by Jeema November 02, 2007
A very informal goodbye greeting; 'see you later'. Sometimes used in an ironic fashion for goodbyes that should be more serious, i.e. the recipient dying, being killed, defeated, or left behind.
Peace out, Holmes. Catch you on the flipside.
by Jeema November 09, 2005
Of, or pertaining to being a wigger
Long ago, in a time known only as 'the late 90s', huge wiggerish beasts roamed the earth, spreading the raprock plague and purchasing terrible quantities of New York Yankees hats.
by Jeema March 27, 2007
A type of sexual act where you fuck, or get fucked by toast.
I found this really cool toastfucking site on the internet the other day.
by Jeema July 20, 2006
An insult meaning one who explores the rectums of others, implying that the recipient of the insult - usually a male - engages in homosexual anal intercourse. The term is derived from 'ass', and 'Magellan', the famous Spanish explorer who attempted to sail around the world in the early 16th century.
That uptight ass magellan across the street wouldn't let me borrow his lawnmower when mine broke down.
by Jeema August 03, 2005

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