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If it's every man for himself, then people are trying to save themselves from a difficult situation without trying to help anyone else.
Mulholland: Fall back! Fall back, men! Every man for himself!

Captain Edward J. Smith of the R.M.S. Titanic said to the Morse Code operators "It's Every man for himself."
by Jedi_Master June 17, 2008
The most Bad-Ass Mutha Fucka, (BAMF, also known as Top Mandorlian) till he got his head chopped off. He was the Original Host for a Clone Army, one of the clones he raised to succeed himself as the BAMF.
Zam: You're Jango Fett aren't you. I've heard of you, you know. I'm Zam Wesell.
Jango: You must be new to the business.
Zam: Why? Because you haven't heard of me?
Jango: Because you're reckless. You could learn a thing or two about being subtle.
Zam: You call that subtle? You just brought down a Republic prison.
Jango: My plan didn't include you. Or the chaos you started back there. You cost me my ship.
Zam: My plan didn't include you trying to hijack my prisoner. Anyway, you should thank me. This babe (the ship) is a big improvement over that relic. I've never seen anything like this. What is she (the ship) anyway.
Jango: She's a Firespray pursuit special.
by Jedi_Master August 04, 2008
An Irish yell of victory or excitment.
After Brigadier General Thomas R. R. Cobb's Irish Regiment of Georgia pushed back Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair Mullholands Irish Brigade, a Captain (3 stripes on the collar) took off his hat and started yelling "Haroo! Haroo!" and the rest of the regiment cheered "Haroo!"
by Jedi_Master June 15, 2008
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (January 21, 1824 – May 10, 1863) was a Confederate general during the American Civil War, and probably the most revered Confederate commander after General Robert E. Lee. His military career includes such famous exploits as the audacious Valley Campaign of 1862 and as a corps commander in the Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee. Confederate pickets accidentally shot him at the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863, which the general survived, albeit with the loss of an arm to amputation. However, he died of complications of pneumonia eight days later.
Jackson rose to prominence and earned his most famous nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run (also known as First Manassas) in July 1861. As the Confederate lines began to crumble under heavy Union assault, Jackson's brigade provided crucial reinforcements on Henry House Hill, demonstrating the discipline he instilled in his men. Brig. Gen. Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr., exhorted his own troops to re-form by shouting, "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall." That is how Jackson was named Stonewall Jackson
by Jedi_Master June 18, 2008
Words of acceptance or agreement.
Luke Skywalker:"I am a Jedi. Like my father before me.
*moment of silence*
Palpatine:"So be it...Jedi."
by Jedi_Master August 20, 2008
A movie of the American Civil War. Gods and Generals is a 2003 film based on the novel, Gods and Generals, by Jeffrey Shaara. It is considered a prequel to the 1993 film Gettysburg, which was based on The Killer Angels, a novel by Michael Shaara, Jeff Shaara's father.

The film stars Jeff Daniels as Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and Robert Duvall as Robert E. Lee. While many of the actors from Gettysburg reprised their roles for this film, Stephen Lang is one of a few to play a different character: George Pickett in Gettysburg and Stonewall Jackson in Gods and Generals. Martin Sheen, the original Lee, had conflicts due to the shooting schedule of The West Wing, and was replaced by Duvall.

It was directed by Ronald F. Maxwell, who had also previously directed Gettysburg in 1993. After the box office underperformance of Gettysburg, Maxwell was unable to get the prequel greenlit until media mogul Ted Turner provided the entire $60 million budget.

The film prominently features the Battles of First Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. It shows Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's life before the war, and also focuses on the personal life of Stonewall Jackson.
Gods and Generals is a Sequel to "Gettysburg" movie. Stephen Lang is from the both Movies.
Gettysburg: Major Gen. George Pickett
Gods and Generals: Lt. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.
by Jedi_Master June 17, 2008
When you hit some on the head, with your hand in the way a monkey walks on it's hands.
Michael Kyle: "When Calvin gets here...I'll use THE MONKEY KNUCKLE!"
Junior: "The what?"
Micheal: "THE MONKEY KNUCKLE! you know...(bops Juniors head with the Monkey Knuckle)
by Jedi_Master September 05, 2008

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