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13 definitions by jdex

When a woman hits someone with her tits. It is roughly the female equivalent to a mushroom stamp. The root word 'milk' comes from the female mammary glands (i.e. breasts) ability to produce milk.
"She knocked my glasses off my face with her tits when she gave me that milkstamp"

"She has huge tits, so she gives great milkstamps"

"Will you tell your mom to stop milkstamping the neighbors with that giant rack of hers?
by Jdex August 07, 2010
A milkstamp from a significantly older woman. 'Older' usually meaning post menopausal.
Your grandma gave me a whole powdered milkstamp this morning.
by Jdex August 07, 2010
When a woman milkstamps someone by slowly dragging her tits across them rather than striking with her tits.
That waitress gave me a sloppy milkstamp so slow it took 5 minutes for her to drag her tits across my face.
by Jdex August 07, 2010
A milkstamp from a woman with silicon or otherwise artificial breasts.
Her tits are so fake they don't even move when she gives him a soy milkstamp.
by Jdex August 07, 2010
When a woman milkstamps someone by accident. That is, a milkstamp without the conscious intent of the woman giving the milkstamp.

If the milkstampee puts themselves into a situation where they are likely to receive a milkstamp and the milkstamper in question was not trying to give a milkstamp, it is still considered a spilled milkstamp. Even if the milkstamper enjoys the spilled milkstamp afterwords.
"She gave me a sloppy 1/2 and 1/2 spilled milkstamp."
by Jdex August 07, 2010
A deluge of milkstamps, of any type, on one or more milkstampees by multiple women. This includes women milkstamping other milkstampers. Amen.
Very well, death it is, by milkstampede!
by Jdex August 07, 2010
When a woman milkstamps someone and she is not wearing a bra or any brassiere like mammary restraint and she is not wearing a shirt or any torso covering clothing. I.e. a milkstamp from a completely topless, naked from the waist up, and bare chested, woman. It is considered the greatest of all milkstamps.
Did you see that topless woman give that guy a whole milkstamp? Lucky stiff!
by Jdex August 07, 2010