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Woo-girls: first heard on "How I met your Mother" accurately describes the type of "weekend warrior princess" who goes out in the company of several other Woo girls. Behavior is usually spotted by shouting "WOO" whenever a. drinking shots, b. ordering another round of drinks, c. shouting at pedestrians while travelling, d. Entering or leaving a club or bar, e. Most notable when gathered in groups for Bachellorette parties surrounded by toys resembling male genitalia.
Clothing is usually sparkly, makeup is overdone, and this type is usually in the 21-35 range. Most herds will include at least one homely girl to make others look better by comparison.
Woo-girl at a Bachellorette party orders a round of cherry bomb, red-headed sluts, or other hard to make shot that no one else has heard of, and when presented, the group will all shout 'WOO"!
Woo girl will start shouting "WOO" when finally being let into a club after waiting an hour behind the rope.
Woo Girl will lean out of car windows while intoxicated and shout "WOO" at pedestrians on sidewalk.
by jdb0001 July 29, 2010

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