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(also skirt over pants used interchangeably) a fashion trend used as slang in Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada. Consists of wearing a set of pants or tights under a skirt. Most commonly observed being worn by students at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University (NSCAD). "Pants under skirt" is used as a local slang to refer to:

- NSCAD students
- people having an "art school mentality"
- works of art, bands, etc thought to be connected to thematically and/or socially to "hip" student/20something concerns
- recently the phrase and variations on it have begun to appear on internet message boards as a non sequitur
- He's over there talking to the group of "skirt over pants"
- She is so "pants under skirt"
- I like their disco punk band but it's a little too "skirt over pants for me".
- would you rather go see that new movie,go to the club, or "pants under skirt"?
- Pants under skirt
by jcs June 28, 2006
When two people whom are having sex in the car and the windows fog up from the heat
I had to pull over and put my beer can down to give charlene a Missouri Sauna
by Jcs March 30, 2015

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