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n. A drug (Ecstasy or MDMA) widely used by individuals who attend raves. It's effects give the user a rush of emotional happiness. E releases a chemical called serotonin into the brain which cause most people to open their thoughts and feelings without hesitation. Ecstasy is the choice of drug in the Asian scene and makes girls horny as fuck. However, a male under the influence of ecstasy may become temporarily impotent.
I can't pop a boner when I'm on E so I popped a tylenol instead.
by jchc May 30, 2005
The act of getting knocked the fuck out. (Total Knock Out)
Stfu before I tko your ass.
by jchc May 30, 2005
n. another "Asian" word for a cigarette/smoke
Wanna go for a yosh?
by jchc May 30, 2005

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