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situation in which two disctinct parts exist, usually opposites
We tend to see things as if everything exists in a dichotomy... good or bad, black or white, on or off.
by jbmonday August 25, 2003
Foolish mistake committed either by forgetting to do something or doing something stupid (Something so dumb that you strike your forehead with your palm = brow palmer)
I can't believe you did that... whatta browpalmer.
by jbmonday August 25, 2003
In sports, someone with the preternatural ability to influence the outcome of a game by making incredible plays
Every team needs a playmaker to turn to when the game is on the line.
by jbmonday September 04, 2003
intransitive verb, going postal or behaving hysterically about minutia.
Yo, you be schizzin and straight trippin, G.
by jbmonday October 13, 2003
Transitive verb.
To prep for an upcoming event or to facilitate a break in or break through.
He couldn't sell anything that wasn't devirginated yet.
by jbmonday January 21, 2005
Adj, prepositional phrase to be used with the intransitive verb "is,"
On top of the situation, doing well. Excellent.
Man, that was great. You're on the tip.
by jbmonday October 13, 2003
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