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The Los Angeles Times. Also known as an extreme leftist publication that will do ANYTHING to keep the Republicans (see "people that use logic") out of California.

Also decided to become a propoganda publication by delivering papers to people's houses who DID NOT have subscriptions on the day they ran the article on Arnold Schwarzenegger's sexual harassment "allegations".
The Los Angeles Times is comprised of a bunch of hippies who need to start thinking about Right vs. Wrong, not to consult how they "feel" about something.
by jbltk October 11, 2003
A football team located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Under the leadership of Vince Lombardi, they won the first two Super Bowls. Currently the star player of the team is the quarterback, Brett Favre (not Farve, you goddamn fucking idiots). He is considered to be one of the best players in the game right now.
The Green Bay Packers are better than the faggot who posted the other definition.
by jbltk October 11, 2003
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