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Darien is not only a town in Connecticut. It is also a town in Illinois, about 30 min away from Chicago. The slogan of this little town is that it is a nice place to live. What a great line. It's probably better than the Darien in Connecticut. There may not be a lot to do but there is a whole lot of drugs and it's only a half hour from Chicago which is one of the greatest places ever besides the fact that more than half the year is winter. Sometimes I don't even wear a scarf when it's 25 degrees out because I consider that warm. But we can look beyond that. There may not be much to do besides go out to eat at the TGIFridays or the Chili's or go see a movie at the Tivoli or the Ogden6. Fuck the Connecticut Darien. The Illinois Darien rocks.
Louisiana: panics at the sight of snow and work get's cancelled

Darien, Illinois: it snows during spring break.

by jbauer1506 January 22, 2009

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