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An individual that farts in the bathtub and bites at the bubbles
I saw johnny in the tub, he's a gorper allright.
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
Occulo rectitis occurs when you have your head so far up your ass,you have a shitty outlook on life.
I used to work with that bastard, he has severe occulo rectitis.
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
What NPR should really be called due to their far left leaning and socialist agenda
"I was listening to all things considered on people's republic radio, and they were hyping socialized medicine again"
by jb mcduffie August 06, 2008
A woman with large enough breasts to require a sturdy bra with at least 4 hooks in the back, usually a D cup and over 35 in size.
"Man,did you see that 4 hooker that just passed by? "
by jb mcduffie July 02, 2007
What all humans are before they are fertilized eggs. Human sperm cell.
"I was doin that when you were still a sack swimmer!"
by JB McDuffie June 13, 2007
A derogatory term for a potential customer at a car dealership, who's credit will not pass, and who typically has no down payment and is upside down in any trade in they may have.
" Man, last week I sold five units, this week, I have'nt seen anything but roaches!"
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
A derogatory term for a person of very little or no social or economic value. A combination of the words "louse" and "slouch" Usually has long, dirty hair,filthy clothes,and needs a shave and a bath. Stinks
Man, that guy has never held a job that I know of. He's a real louch!
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
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