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when you are referenced in a definition on this website. either a great honor, or terrible shame, depending on self esteem levels.
i totally urban dick'd that guy, and now he's famous.

well famous like divine brown.
by jb is awesome November 15, 2011
doodling yourself. jerking it. solo dolo. fiddler on the roofie. party of one. masturbating, son.
Nichole couldn't come to the door because she was too busy low fiving.

by jb is awesome November 15, 2011
term used to describe a sexual act, consenting or non, between 1 or more persons. also a term to describe a person performing the act.
i walked into the alley, and she was flanny j'ing all over him.

that flanny j has on a lovely pair of girbauds.
by jb is awesome November 15, 2011
person or persons that insults others from space. primarily from the cosmic space center. many cosmic bullies target those that do not believe in space, or 3-D, or artisan sandwiches.
that flanny j is a total cosmic bully.
by jb is awesome November 15, 2011

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