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opposite of a choad, a penis that is long and slender
he has a doach
by JB May 07, 2004
The 3rd (pre-adolescent) stage of development in the life cycle of the cucuy. A winged, hummingbird-sized alien being found exclusively in the forests of central New Mexico, USA. The cucuybird feeds on insects as it gains strength before growing into the chupacabra, or adolescent-phase cucuy. When feeding, the cucuybird emits a high-pitched chirping sound much similar to sky-cars on the popular 80's children's cartoon, "The Jetsons". (see also: cucuy, cucuywaterscorpion baby, cucuywaterscorpion, chupacabra)
Hey, look! Theres a cucuybird. That thing's gonna be pretty scary in a few months.
by JB April 12, 2005
(Verb) - To download a dummy file using the kazaa P2P software program. File can be sometimes blank, 20 second loops of just the chorus, the first 20 seconds of the song then blank, or just blatently be the wrong file.
I was trying to download the new cum fiesta, but I was kazaached and got some beastility with a she-male.

Damn Kazaach! This is Edward Scissor Hands not Edward Penis-Hands like I requested!
by JB November 19, 2003
A term defining a harcore or tough person or someone with a lot of balls. Genetic anomallies, such as XXY, are often associated with meat axes, as are prison cells, but neither are requisite. Meat axe can be used with a positive intention.
That guy is a fucken meat axe.
He made that jump...what a meat axe.
by JB February 28, 2005
Xtremely Lame Clownz
Those XLC guys really knows how to cheat, they NEVER get revealed for what they do
by JB June 07, 2003
anything that is cool
That car is swoof.
by JB June 02, 2003
A man who likes to take it in the ass, take it in the mouth, or take it anywhere a homosexual would go.
Tom is a Cock Pilot!
by JB November 11, 2003
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