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The freshest new wave band out of Europe. They owned the 80s and had that dope ass video that was half pencil for "Take On Me"... the singer has mad range in that song... he's like better than Moz.
"A-ha owns your asshole and doesn't even bother to use it."
by JayR August 27, 2003
The most death metal exclaimation one can make. In the vein of such weaker exclaimations such as "Oh my god." or "WOW".
Oh my stars, I can't believe she just ate shit out of another girls asshole. Nasty shit you download, Luke.
by JayR June 18, 2004
the best advertising campaign for the ps4 ever made.
the xbox one is a complete flop.
by jayr July 29, 2014
Straighten out or stop fucking up the order. Very English.
Fucking que up and pass that bud this way.
by JayR June 20, 2004
One's skull. A combination of the words nugget and bone, nugget meaning head.
Ya boy cracked me in the nugbone with a brick in a sock.
by JayR June 18, 2004
A suffix you can use for any noun.. even proper nouns.
"My wangpiece was assaulted by that cunt at the Drive-Thru."
by JayR August 27, 2003
A fat, sloppy, sweaty, deep fry cooking, nasty ass slut who sends her kids to school in beat ass clothes and three year old shoes.
Any mother named Pam.
by JayR August 27, 2003

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