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The women who are Turkish. I will talk about the ones that live in Turkey. (There are 7 Turkish republics in the world.)

Since they were little girls, they were raised to be great mums and wives. It's in their culture. They are selfless, loving, compassionate. Comparing to other women in the world, they are AWESOME cooks and they don't even know they are.

Modern Turkish women don't cover their hair. They're muslim but usually not practising. They look nothing like Arab women. More like ligher skinned- Persians.

They are usually brunettes and HOT ones. They usually have dark wavy hair and light skins and deep dark eyes. They tend to have really small hands and feet. They're usually shorter than European women. Their height average is 5 feet 3. And most of them have curvy bodies.

They have the typical Mediterranean body shape: medium breasts, thin waists and well-rounded asses.

They care about their personal hygiene a LOT. I've lived in Turkey for 8 years and I never met a single girl who didn't smell delicious. They take good care of their hair.

Most of the Turkish girls are extremely possesive and jealous. And they love possesive macho men.

When they love somebody, they let him do anything to her. (not talking about sex, but, yeah that too.) They focus their lifes to the one they love and they usually don't cheat or even flirt with other men.
Man, how come all these Turkish women are this hot?
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by jaydendylan September 20, 2011
1. The River in Europe that borns from Rila mountains in Bulgary and meets the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Known as its beauty. It also floods almost every spring.
2. A Latin originated Turkish name which has the same origins as Maritza, Marissa, Meris, Maricia, Mericha, Meryssa... Given to both male and female but it's originally a female name. It means "the one that belongs to the sea." It's pronounced as Mer-itch.

From my experiences I've had from living for almost 8 years in Turkey, I can tell you those:

Meriç is a charismatic and cool name. And it's also pretty uncommon for both male and women.
It's often given by rich and elite people as names to their babies.
Males named Meriç are often clubbers. (trust me, I've seen enough.)
Females named Meriç are %100 so very beautiful! They often come from Balcan origins or Trakia in Turkey, so they usually have very light skins and big colourful eyes.
That girl named Meriç was such a Turkish delight!
#meriç #meric #merich #marissa #river
by jaydendylan September 20, 2011
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