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To fuck a woman/man in the ass until you get shit on the tip of your dick ,pull it out and write a z on their face with your dick. Then tell everyone that knows her/him you zoroed that hoe.
Jason your wife tina is hot i'd love to zoro that hoe.
by jay from catty June 21, 2009
to have warm sperm in your mouth from a chode and then try to yodel as loud as you can for four minutes and thirty seconds.
Jason i said you and your wife tina could stay here ,but my mom said tina cant chodel at four in the morning anymore
by jay from catty June 20, 2009
You must have the beer shits or be sick with diarrhea to perform the paint sprayer.Its when a woman or man is tossing your salad and you leave a long wet fart spraying them in thier face with wet shit. When you are done it should look like someone painted thier face brown
Me and Tina are getting serious I gave her ,her first paint sprayer last night. She brought her face up out of my ass covered in runny shit ,looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "I love you".Then we sat there and cried together for hours it was truly a beautiful moment.
by jay from catty June 22, 2009
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