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3 definitions by jasonschlueter

A jasonette is a large bassinet, similar to a hammock, specifically for Jason to perform the activities that he sees fit.

A jasonette is a wonderful place to sleep and eat canned cheeseburgers.
Oh shit! I fell out of my jasonette!
by jasonschlueter April 07, 2008
An overwhelming sense of emotion in liquid form. Usually requires a second set of pants and a party hat.
Holy hell! This isn't a chocolate malt, it's desiarrhea! How did this desiarrhea get on the ceiling? Desiarrhea its a party in your pants!
by jasonschlueter April 07, 2008
The large clump of Dorito, Cheeto, or similar dust found at the bottom of some lucky bags.

Also used to describe a large chunk of something gross.
I saw god when I ate the cool-ranch klumpster in that bag of Doritos.

We had to call a plumber to remove a klumpster from the drain.
by jasonschlueter April 08, 2008