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4 definitions by jasonresno

The most greatestest girl in the world..I loveeeeeeee her.
Jason loves Gena
by JasonResno August 08, 2003
166 100
An incredible Band...they make amazing EMO/SCREAMO music...and if you listen to them closely their lyrics mean something and really make you think. Some say they suck live, well it is rather a matter of opinion. THey just...give off energy live though..
"Your lipstick, his collar.. don't bother Angel
I know exactly what goes on"
by jasonresno February 19, 2004
76 87
Rolling on the floor
JasonResno:ROFL (after a jokeK)
by JasonResno July 22, 2003
5 21
Best emo band I have ever heard. They are amazing, you should see em live. Their best CD is 'Your favorite weapon'. They have deep meaningful lyrics...
Socco Ameretto Line
70 x 7
by jasonresno February 19, 2004
43 99