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verb; if you can't pronounce slut punched, you're an idiot

To be punched really hard.

A slut punch is a combination of a bitch slap, pimp slap, sucker punch, and every violent move to the face. It would really hurt to be slut punch and you'd probably be sore for a very long time. You'd have a black eye for possible 3 months. Do not ever get slut punched. You've been warned.
(1) If you don’t pass me the salt shaker, I will slut punch you.

(2) Katie: Omg, Diana, what happened?
Diana: Jasmine slut punched me.
Katie: Oh fuck, that's going to be there for a long time.
Diana: Yeah, it felt like I got hit in the face by a cows utter.

(3) Oh my gosh! If she doesn’t back off my man, I will slut punch her!
by jasminebui July 25, 2010

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