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a pervert
Whoa, dude, stop being a perv
by Jared White October 16, 2002
Jewish exasperated exclamation
I have tons of homework tonight! Oy vey!
by Jared White October 16, 2002
oh my god; omg
Oh em gee! I can't believe you're such an idiot, you idiot!
by Jared White October 16, 2002
it is cool
"I'm sorry" "S'coo"
by Jared White April 20, 2003
exclamation used when in awe of someone
"I got a 1600 on the SATSs" "Oh shnaps!"
by Jared White October 17, 2002
Fonze's greeting; "hey"
Eeeeeyy! What's up?
by Jared White October 16, 2002
1. {noun} - The supreme badass millionaire from Gilligan's Island. While it may not have seemed that Mr. Howell was knee deep in sweet lovin', there was more than likely at least four or five orgies at his grass hut every night.

2. {verb} i.e. "to Howell" - To impress women with your riches, in hopes of taking them back to your house (or hut.)
"Yeah, I got a piece... but I had to Howell her for like a week!"
by Jared White May 27, 2005
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