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9 definitions by jar jar stinks

What everybody in America becomes once a year on March 17th.
Yea, it's St Patrick's Day! Kiss me, I'm Irish (today).
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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Listen up Bitches
There can be only ONE Band mentioned here whilst keeping a straight face!
You know its True!
Guy 1 The Best Band in the World are The Beatles
Guy 2 No Dude ,They Suck, Its Metallica
Guy 3 No Way Its either Nirvana or offspring
Guy 1 (Bitch Slaps the other two]for being complete Butt-Munchers
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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second best band after pink floyd in the seventies
Electric Light Orchestra is why pc's have copy and paste features or just use the acronym
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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Mixed race Reggae band from Birmingham England.
had a shed load of hits especially in the UK.
Fontman Ali Campbell
got their name because they were all unemployed and signing on ub 40 forms, Before hitting the big time
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
33 9
totally wrong spelling for sgian dubhmeaning black knife used by scottish highlanders
sgian dukh wtf
oh you mean sgian dubh
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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imaginary character from some overblown starwars movies.
queen amidala : blah blah blah blah blah blah waffle waffle blah!
Yo Shut The Fuck Up, and get a LIFE
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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Michael Bolton Has Bad Hair
by Jar Jar Stinks May 22, 2006
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