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Badass. Better than everyone. To fast for the sex offender list.

Gets a lot of wet dreams every night.
What dreams did you have last night Jeremian???

by JANGO March 18, 2014
The anditote for n00bs.
Why the hell would you need an example? JUST GO THERE!
by Jango April 20, 2005
Similar to "hit and run", a "shit and run" refers to when a person ( usually stupid ) insults you with a crappy insult, then runs away before you have a chance to respond.
Idiot: omg u liek suck *runs away*
Me: Shit and runner!
by Jango October 16, 2004
A person who is born with an innate disadvantage and/or a person with the nickname Zippy and/or a person who likes to put their dick in another man's ass and/or a person who likes Dollar and/or a person who has a higher risk of getting AIDS and most probably will die because of it.
Zippy is a faggot cos he likes Dollar.
by jango December 05, 2003
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