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dik-magnit -noun

1. One woman's ability to use her assets and good looks to attract any male she wants without saying a word, but by dressing in very revealing clothing. (see Slut)

2. A homosexual male that has both straight and gay males extremely attracted to him.
1. Her tits and ass are hanging out so much I don't know why she wears anything, but I'd still take a piece of that any day, what a dickmagnet!

2. Look at him he's so gay but so good looking not only do the gay men want him, but the straight men do to! Such a dickmagnet!
by jamiethompsonca March 18, 2010
Kow-Kunt -noun

1. The term for a woman's over sized vagina.
1. Shit dude, I fucked this girl last night and her pussy lips and hole were so big I thought I was fucking a cowcunt!
by jamiethompsonca March 31, 2010
dik-wagun -noun

1. An insult directed to a person used to describe their stupidity.

2. The descriptive terminology to identify a homosexual in a vulgar way.
1. I can't believe John stole his dads car, he's such a dickwagon!

2. He's so gay and likes so much cock in the ass, he might as well be the community dickwagon.
by jamiethompsonca March 17, 2010

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