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When a common internet troll gets overtaken or owned by someone else, usually by another troll, sometimes even by "Cannibal Trolls".
Troll: I fucking hate Niggers and Jews! Fuck Israel!

Other person: Shut the fuck up, I'm Jewish!

Troll: You mad, Jew?

Other person: Mad? Nahh, I just laughed because of those pictures of Madonna you have posted up as your channel background.

Troll: Hey dude chill, I'm a huge Madonna fan.

Other person: She's a fake wrinkly slut who lost her hotness after 1995. You tellin' me that you're a fan of that dyke?

Troll: Fuck you! Go eat a dick you asshole!

Other person: You mad?

#troll #trolls #internet #problem #you #mad #?
by jamesisdabomb December 16, 2010
To intimidate someone by trolling them; someone that's trolling you successfully.
Person 1: That guy was harassing me on Facebook!

Person 2: Don't let him trollify you.
#troll #yes #problem #newfag #u #mad #? #trollwned
by jamesisdabomb April 12, 2011
A boring little suburban town near Saint Paul, MN who's cool sister town is Roseville. There ain't shit to do here and it's extremely boring. It's own city government is too stupid to even afford it's own police department even with the high amount of crimes that occur in this pathetic, miserable little town. It's also home to the worst baseball, football and basketball middle school teams in Roseville Area, the "Roseville Raiders".
Little Canada? Hell, I'm moving to Roseville!
#roseville #little #canada #minnesota #saint #paul #suburb
by jamesisdabomb October 14, 2010
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