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1. The act of pissing in same toilet with your mate (not at same time) without flushing. Then getting another persons belonging that they use wth their hands and swirling it around in the piss. Then putting the item back without them noticing. When you see them using it next u can tell everyone tht you pissed on it and chant 'pisshand' at them

2. Old bristolian caretaker bastard who picks up rubbish with a pissed on grabber thing every day
1. Fuck maths, lets piss on Brians grabby thing, then call him a pisshand

2. What an old pisshand twat
by jamesh abdul March 28, 2007
1. Someone who fills their music collections with rubbish worthless techno remixes of really shite songs.

2. Someone who wears tight 'gay' clothes and works out all the time, they also cleanse, tone then moisturise their faces...
1. fain is listenin to his friend's mp3 player when a song comes on...

Fain - "James, what the fuck is this...?!"

James - "Abba dancing queen hypermix.."

Fain - "you techno remix son of a bitch"

2. Fain goes to his friends house, upon knockin and being let in, he goes upstairs to find his friend workin out in a skin tight vest to marvin gaye...

Fain - "you techno remix son of a bitch..."

James - "theres nothing wrong with..."

Fain - "poof"
by jamesh abdul April 19, 2007

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