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a word to express one's feelings when they are feeling happy and sad at the same time.
person 1: hows you today?
person 2: oogimaflip. how about you?
person 1: same. *hi 5!*
by james-in-a-box June 11, 2008
another way of saying "sexual..."
person 1: wow, that guy is HOT!
person 2: kinkiness...
by james-in-a-box June 12, 2008
when used in a husky voice, it can be used as the term to want to have sex in a gym
"I really want some gymnasia"
"Why, yes i will have sex with you in a gym!"
by james-in-a-box May 15, 2008
the whole reason girls get on busses. i mean, there are MUCH better ways of getting around...
Friend1: omg, why do you even get the bus? it's all smelly and there are really pervy old men on it!
Girl: i know, but there is a boy on the bus. he's really hot.
by james-in-a-box May 01, 2009
a cool nickname for someone called jessica, jessie or jess.
Boy1: omg that girl over there is really hot. what's her name?
Boy2: i think her name is jess
Boy3: You mean jeesca.
by james-in-a-box May 01, 2009
an amazing guy with purple hair. hell yeah.
Girl1: omg look at that guy's hair. it's purple.
Girl2: yeah, he's such a grapehead.
by james-in-a-box May 01, 2009

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