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Quite possibly the best drinking game ever invented involving rum and dice.
Discovered in Thailand at the beginning of the 21st century, this game involves throwing dice into a wooden box and drinking rum shots if you lose (or win).
Hey punters, anyone want a game of rum dice?
Na, fuck off Cletus, no one likes that game...
You guys are all fags!
by James Laurence January 29, 2009
Take a sports field cone, turn it upside down and attach a 25mm tap fitting to the bottom. Your standard sports field cone can take about five standard cans of beer, which can then be skulled at the speed of gravity.
Tasker, would you rather have one cone or three rum shots?
Fuck the rum shots, the only thing I'd rather have than a cone is a blow job.
Five can cone?
Yeah bro, hook me up.
by james laurence February 03, 2009

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