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The two way overpass that takes a man from the vag to the asshole
you dont want an example of the biffins bridge
by james lafleur September 20, 2009
the real cause of AIDS

Scientists have been led to believe (by Gore's black magic) that AIDS is caused by manbearpig but AIDS is truly caused by your genitals being exposed to Al Gore's voice. The body can't take it anymore and turns on itself because its the only escape

Other accomplishments:
-invented the internet, meatball subs, glow in the dark stuff, Charmeleon, the waterbed, and ice cream cake.

-Wrote Harry Potter on a paper towel (not a napkin)

-Caused "The Incident" in Lost

-Master of Black Magic

-Was the first human to be Rickrolled (was rickrolled by manbearpig and they've been sworn enemys ever since. Got him back by blaming AIDS on him. Manbearpig got him back by being the last vote for bush. Gore got him back by killing him on south park.)
Penis: "I cant take any more of this super Al Gore's gloating."

..."Bye World!!!"
by James LaFleur October 08, 2009

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