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someone who takes it up the bumhole
charlie is a top poohole paratrooper.
#marmite motorway #backdoor burglar #anal #gelly #skilton
by james gell February 15, 2007
a clism is like a donkey dick however it has a freakishly small ball sack and scrotum to compliment it
put your clism away please gelly, you chode.
#donkey #dick #chode #gelly #skilton
by james gell February 15, 2007
this is a sexual position like the missionary position but the individual on top must have no arms and joined legs like one big fin.
last night me and gelly tried out something really exciting, its a position called jofism. he flapped about like a fish out of water.
#fish #mongy #gelly #skilton #mutant #pissworm
by james gell February 15, 2007
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