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10 definitions by james william

A bitter state or hatred induced by another having something more than oneself. Most acute between people where the difference is slight, eg, a neighbour with a minutely more expensive car. The most denied emotion - "I'm not envious, I don't hate her because she's got more money than me!".
People envy Paris Hilton because she has large wealth for which she has done nothing, but they comment on other aspects of her rather than this.
by James William May 24, 2005
Young people or young adults pampered beyond the point where they realise they are lucky; fully expectant of an idle life of luxury and not aware that some people have to work. Think that washing up or cleaning the house is something that a personal assistant is for. Unaware that there are poor people in the world. Money is something that arrives for unknown reasons in large amounts every month in one's bank account.
Super-wealthy international jetset kids, trustfunded grandchildren of banking families, etc.
by James William May 18, 2005
Spoiled young adult living an idle life on investments; the most envied creature on the planet and they know it. Usually very pretty in a childish way, with an air of pampered boredom. Maxed out on credit cards but doesn't care as these are covered every month by the private banker.
At 25, Emma, who does not work, has a luxurious apartment (all paid for), a string of desperate admirers, a personal assistant, and only 35,000 a month to live on.
by James William May 18, 2005
Children of a famous popstar, rock musician, movie star, etc. Never used nowadays for real royal families, who are "monarchy". Often have strange "rock royalty" or "Hollywood royalty" names handed out by drug-crazed parents shortly after the (Caesarian) birth. Usually chronically over-indulged, leading to severely disordered personalities in later life that have to be "recovered" from.
Moon Unit Zappa, Liv Tyler. ("rock royalty").
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda. ("Hollywood royalty").
by James William June 01, 2005
Receiving a (generally large) amount of property, wealth, money, etc, from a deceased relative or close one, after being "mentioned" in their "will". In extreme cases, such as very large inheritances, typical results include marriage break-up (spouse hates partner for being so rich), personality collapse (what the heck do I do now I don't have to work for a living??), idleness, egomania, etc. Many heirs or heiresses experience guilt and self-loathing in proportion to the size of the inheritance received. Inheritance planning is supposed to alleviate this by only giving heirs money if they achieve in life, a gameplan that rarely works. Heirs within families usually fight over minor differences in sizes of inheritances recieved. There is a strong tendancy for young people in particular to be very adversely affected by large inheritances, contrary to the misconceptions of a wonderful life generated by popular envy feelings, these people are usually isolated, guilt-ridden and unsatisfied.
Sarah received her inheritance at 21, and after that, despite her yacht, mansion and trustfund, felt purposeless and ashamed.
by James William May 24, 2005
Any incredibly long, boring and mystifying process; something bad, tedious and of interest only to fools. A show put on for the public to convince them that the government is accountable and journalists have teeth. A settling of scores between rival corrupt elements of the elite. Also now used for any case of corruption, eg, Zipper-Gate, Monica-Gate, etc. Surely there should be a Gates-Gate involving Bill Gates - we just have to hope for that.
Woodward and Bernstein preen themselves that they brought down Nixon over Watergate, as if that would be allowed to happen! Nixon was obviously doomed for some reason we are not told about.
by James William June 01, 2005
Hugely over-rated and over-paid Brit actress. Lacks any ability whatever and is so wooden that she probably practises by chopping tree bark in a wood shop with Woody Guthrie. Her very best performance (in her first film - a sort of childhood fantasy set in New Zealand) was just average, and she has gone downhill ever since. Chiefly memorable for having earned US$60 million from Titanic. She had a cool contract because everybody thought the movie would be a flop. Since then she has pretended that she is just an ordinary english rose and an ordinary mother, as she bosses around various servants and buys rolls royces bulk.
Look at that bad excuse for an actress Kate Winslet in Titanic, even the chandeliers in the movie act better than she did.
by James William June 26, 2005