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The word "hello", only with the letter "N" as the prefix. When you say it out loud, it sounds you're dragging out the word with overwhelming laziness.
Dan: "Hey Julie, what's up? How's everything? Good to see you!"

Julie: "N'hello..."

The end.
by James Werdsbond June 22, 2011
Definition 1: A half a man with a half a finger. Someone who played for the CBA, got nowhere and now he sells toilets for a living.

*A half a finger deserves a half a word, so the word "fin-ger" is now just "fin".
Dan: Hey Tony, what happened to your finger? Was it chopped off by a snapping pussy?

Tony: Yea, probably. That's not the only thing I lost in there!

Dan: Awe..., cry me a river :(
by James Werdsbond July 12, 2011
Onion Booty. Used to describe a phat-ass bitch with a phat ass.

Reference www.onionbooty.com
Yo Greg, 10 o'clock your time. Check out OB on that one son ... Daaamn!
by James Werdsbond October 24, 2008
When a girl has sex with two guys at the same time.
Me and my boy ran a demo on this bitch last night.
by James Werdsbond September 29, 2009

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