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A person who is always complaining or putting up a fuss. Derived from a combination of the word "fuss" and "budget," which used to mean a type of container.
Stop complaining, you old fussbudget.

Shirley's such a fussbudget. All she ever does is whine.
by James J. Mitchell October 23, 2006
Noun: fool, boob, specifically a cross between a fool and a boob.
"That joe is a complete foob."
by James J. Mitchell August 31, 2006
To act weird in public just for grins. To play a practical joke. To try to freak people out by calculatedly bizarre behavior. To mess with peoples' minds.
NOUN: The act itself.
"We like to noss whenever we're in a crowd."
"Don't mind me, I'm just nossing."
"Do you think his act was serious, or was it just a big noss?"
"I noss, therefore I'm weird."
Term coined in Indianapolis, Indiana in early 1970's.
by James J. Mitchell September 06, 2006
Duct tape, used as a restraint, or for purposes of muffling human speech, cries, or screams.
"I couldn't get the kids to behave, so I threatened to use babysitter's helper on the little ankle-biters and they straightened right up."
"Some babysitter's helper across the mouth might get her to shut up."
by James J. Mitchell August 31, 2006
To accept one's fate. To give in to the inevitable.
From an old saying of unknown origin.
"Fate is a stubborn mule; sometimes you've got to give in and make peace with the donkey."
"Joe decided to make peace with the donkey and accept his punishment like a man."
"There's no point in living in the past. Make peace with the donkey and get on with your life."
by James J. Mitchell September 06, 2006
The opposite of shock and awe. The feeling of letdown and disappointment on the heels of what once was thought to be a great military victory in Iraq. Pronounced with a silent "p," this could be used as a reference to any type of disappointed high hopes.
"The shock and awe of the Iraq invasion have been replaced by feelings of awk and pshaw."
by James J. Mitchell September 15, 2006
1. The moment when one stops lamenting long enough to catch a breath.
2. Scotch whiskey, preferably single-malt.
"Shirley stopped whining just long enough for a bit of Presbyterian joy."
"Pour me another shot of that Presbyterian joy."
by James J. Mitchell September 06, 2006

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