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2 definitions by jaimecomc

someone who goes around knifing their enemies in call of duty modern warfare 2
damn i just got assassinated by that crab infested blue berry twat waffle witch-blader
by jaimeCOMC March 16, 2010
The coolest person known to man, man-bear-pig, and man-bear-pidgeon. He is a Black Jew that doesn't celebrate passover nor does he eat fried chicken. He gets all the ladies. He can show you how to be nerd, gangster, emo, and ninja. Also like the guys from nigahiga.
Man-Bear-Pig says: "Aww, i wish i was like Jaime he is so boss-like."


Man-Bear-Pidgeon: "WTF! who says ditto."
by jaimecomc April 03, 2010