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The ideology that:
1) The Nation of Israel a) has the right to exist, b) as a Jewish state if it so choses, and c) in peace and harmony with it's neighbors.
2) Jews are inherently equal to all other persons and groups of persons and therefore should be treated as such.
Even though I'm a WASPY gentile, nobody messes with Jews in my presence because my reputation for pro-Semitism is generally known.
by jagdgeschwader July 10, 2009
1) One who's thoughts and resultant behaviors support and are pursuant to the ideology that:

A) The Nation of Israel has a right to exist,

B) As a Jewish state it it so choses, and

C) In peace and harmony with its neighbors

2) One who - either Jew or Gentile - stands in defiance of oppression against Jews and Judaism in any of its forms: mockery, belittlement, violence, defamation, disparagement etc. and et al.
Because I'm a pro-Semite, I will not work with Mel Gibson unless and until he issues a better apology that THAT!

No, you don't have to be Jewish to be a pro-Semite. You just have to be free from bigotry against Jews, that's all.
by jagdgeschwader July 10, 2009
the act, or condition resulting from the act whereupon, during or after anal sex, the male (or female with a false appendage of any type or variety) removes the penis or other object and wipes any resultant fecal matter onto the buttocks of his or her partner, thereupon giving the partner a "foggy bottom"
Last night while butt-porking Suzi, we worked up a good sweat and the sheen off her ass from the overhead light was giving me a headache, so I gave her a foggy bottom to cut down on the glare.
by jagdgeschwader March 11, 2009

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