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The one, the only, the faboulous Madonna!
Madonna has been the Queen of Pop since she was born (really, since she started). She is well known for Re-Inventing herself in every album.

She has inspired millions of people, and has begun many trends we have today.

Altough she is now 50, she looks like 25 year old and has the energy of a 10 year old.

She is the member of the Royal Music family. She is the only Queen of Pop and she will be forever.

Her rivals are:
Ja(got no talent)net Jackson
Mooriah Scarey
Kylie Minogue (Pop Princess)
Britney Spears (although I think that Britney isnt really pop-royalty)
"who's that hot girl infront of that huge lollypop?"

"The one and ONLY Queen of Pop, Madonna"


by jackwalkermcfarland August 18, 2008
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