1 definition by jackisasexygitmmm

a j.b is b.j backwards, j.b is a breech of the act of 1441 that states no joel blonde is allowed to suck their penises whilst sticking hd tv's up their back passage. many roumors have been stated in the local jupiter news that j.b orgies have been raided, unfortunately the joels in question were all brunettes so no charges were passed although there is a myth that a real blonde joel performes these j.b acts at college.
hey dude keep this one to yourself but last night i totaly j.b'd ....34" n everything.

holy shit man i cant walk, i need an ambulance
why dude whats up
oh fucking hell i got hooked up with some speed last night and had a bit of a j.b
by jackisasexygitmmm January 11, 2008

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