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''r u bein cereal!?! ''...asking somebody if they are being serious..if you are slightly cretinous..like me
''i just got a haircut''
'' r u bein Cereal!?! ''
by jackimo07 September 02, 2007
the greatest word in the english dictionary..bar none.
BUT!..it doesnt describe female genitalia particularly well..it sounds hard...CUNT!........still a wonderful word..
use it to offend..''You Cunt!''....to be considerate..''aww look at that poor cunt''.... to compliment.. ''ur such a beautiful cunt''..to express hate..''i hate the cunt''..to express love...''i love u u cunt''..for no reason...''well i was walking-Cunt-down the road ''
by jackimo07 September 02, 2007
to show u completely understand what somebody has said...If you are well gangster bludz innit
''i lyk cheese''
'' Skeen ''


''i lyk cheese''
''i enjoy the work of cheese''
by jackimo07 September 02, 2007

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